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2014 Heathrow and Gatwick Airports - United Kingdom
- Review of Operational Resilience

Technical Advisor to Steer Davies Gleave
Technical advisor on an evaluation of UKCAA regulatory license requirements for Heathrow and Gatwick Airports, specifically regarding the development of operational resilience requirements & recommendations. Review of the airports' current procedures and developments in the context of major disruptions between 2010 and 2013. Especially providing advise in the areas of:

  • review & evaluation of technical risk assessment and contingency planning procedures

  • comparisson analysis with other European airports experience

  • identification of possibilities of harmonization and standardization

  • review & evaluation of existing procedures structure

  • perspectives of development potentials & necessities

2014 Seven Regional Airports - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
- Refurbishment & Expansion of Airfields & Aprons

Technical Advisor to Almabani General Contractors for a construction bid
Technical advisor for a peer review of the construction work sequencing as well as proposed airfield & apron expansion layout design. Review of airport operational impact & airport operational status during construction. Review of airport & ANS technical systems impact.

2014 Abha International Airport - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
- New Terminal Building & Airport Expansion

Technical Advisor to Almabani General Contractors for a construction bid
Technical advisor for a peer review of the Terminal Design by Raphael Vinoly as part of the technical due dilligence process during bid development and presentation. This included:

  • technical building & airport systems analysis & evaluation

  • airfield and apron design analysis & evaluation

  • apron to terminal interface analysis & evaluation

  • flight safety and aviation security analysis & evaluation

  • development of initial technical proposals for identified issues requiring further development   

2012 Munich International Airport Franz Josef Strauss - Federal Republic of Germany
- Evaluation of Large Scale Photo-Voltaic Powerpnats on Roof Areas

Technical Advisor to FMG (the airport company)
Technical advisor to the environmental department of the airport, developing a multiple technology evaluation study for the implementation of photo-voltaic power plant installations on the roofs and south facing facade of 3 large area buildings.

  • Evaluation of power production expectations,

  • Development of electricity price models incorporating costs of installations, operations, maintenance, upkeep and parts replacements for powerplant productive lifetimes of between 20 and 60 years.

  • Analysis of airport systems, ANS systems & reflection blinding of tower or aircraft issues.

  • Analysis of building lightning protection system impact and reconciliation of pv-installations and lightning protection installations

2011 Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
- New MRO base for SAEI

Technical Advisor to Arabtec General Contractor for a construction bid
Technical advisor and Technical Bid Lead Airport Engineer assisting in:

  • structuring the bidding consortium of Arabtec & LH Technik

  • structuring the technical bid document & presentation

  • coordinating technical bid input of selected specialists on MRO facilities

  • evaluating the bid documents regarding technical issues requiring resolution prior to construction ( technical due dilligence design review)

- aprons & master plan issues
- ANS, flight safety and aviation security issues
- aircraft & vehicle manouvering issues inside and  outside of buildings
- technical systems issues & facility cross-compatibility issues

2004 to 2008 Vienna International Airport - Republic of Austria
- Apron Expansion North-East Phase 2

Deputy Project Manager & Project Coordinator to Werner Consult for a General Design & Construction Oversight Project
General Design Contract on Apron Expansion and Refurbishment to restructure the airport configuration around the new Skylink Terminal. Full engineering services covering all aspects of civil, mechanical & electrical engineering including:

  • configuration, multi-use reconfiguration & construction of 52 aircraft positions including:-  21 contact gate positions-  10 future contact gate positions for Skylink Phase 3 Expansion-  15 aircraft deicing positions-  34 taxi through positions - more than 20 interrim aircraft stands during various constructions phases

  • 9 taxiways with 12 taxiway intersections & 3 blast fences at taxiway endings

  • expansion and technical reconfiguration of the aircraft deicing facilities by 50% additional deicing area and 100% additional deicing capacity on both the supply and the run-off discharge configuration, relocation of the deicing storage and expansion of the deicing run-off collection facilities and discharge pumping station

  • Full airfield lighting, airfield signage, apron lighting, and aircraft docking guidance system design & engineering, coordination of passenger boarding bridges and hydrant refueling system addaptation, as well as deconstruction of 30% of the existing tank farm

2005 to 2007 Airbase Brumowski - Austrian Airforce - Langenlebarn - Republic of Austria
- Reconstruction & Expansion of Apron Areas

Technical Advisor to Werner Consult for a General Design & Construction Oversight Project
General Design Contract on Apron Refurbishment & Expansion at all hangar aprons, including creation of fueling areas, washing areas, deicing areas and aicraft MRO prepartion areas for the fixed wing flight school, the rotor wing flight school and the large helicopter squadron of the Austrian Airforce

2004 to 2005 Vienna International Airport - Republic of Austria
- Apron Expansion GAC

Technical Advisor to Werner Consult for a General Design & Construction Oversight Project
General Design Contract on Apron Expansion for a new area connecting the new GAC Terminal at the western end of the airport. Technical Advisor on the concept development of the aircraft parking and taxiway configuration, including safeguarding prvissions for the future needs of the Austrian Airlines MRO home base. Creation of provisions for aircraft deicing, and expansion of the RWY-end taxiway connector configuration. Development of a capacity flow optimized storm drainage system.

2003 New International Airport for Crete - Kasteli - Greek Republic
- Master Plan & Feasibility Study

Technical Advisor & Lead Master Planer to Doxiadis Associates
Master Plan of a new civil international airport next to the existing Airforce Base at Kasteli. Full feasibility study including dimensioning of all main, secondary and ancilary airport facilities, positioning of the runway system, development of the earthwork balanced terminal and apron configuration, flight paths and obstacle free surfaces and ILS path evaluation.

2002 to 2003 Airport of Makedonia - Thessaloniki - Greek Republic
- New Terminal Development Project

Technical Advisor & Lead Airport Project Engineer to Doxiadis Associates and Burns & McDonnell
General Design Contract to Tender Design Documentation Stage for the Terminal Building, allAirfield and Apron Expansions, all Roads & Bridges, a multi level Parking Facility, and all necesary relocations and expansions of ancilary airport facilities.
Main taskings delivered to Doxiadis were

  • all design & engineering of areas and systems outside of buildings on airside and landside.

  • design development of all aircraft stand, parking and docking systems

  • design development of all transportation functions and relations

  • design development of aviaiton security aspects

  • special advisc on airport terminal special systems & airport terminal operational functionalities exceeding normal passenger & baggage process functions.

  • special advice on relocation of the ATC tower and expansion of the SAR & Fire Rescue Station arrangements

2003 Stavanger Sola International Airport - Norwegian Military Marine Helicopter Station - Kingdom of Norway
- New Hangar and Apron Development for NH90

Technical Advisor to Burns & McDonnell for an architectural design competition
Technical Advice and Design Competion Management Europe for Burns & MecDonnell in their bid partnership with Aviaplan. Activities included:

  • site visit and situation evaluation

  • development of FATO & Hangar/Apron configuration scenarios

  • set-up and coordination of competition partnership between Burns & McDonnell and Aviaplan

2001 Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos - Greek Republic
- Expansion Area North-West Quadrant

Technical Advisor to Doxiadis Associates
General Design & Master Planning of the NW-Quadrant of the airport. Design of Roads and Utility Systems. Concept Design of future General Aviation Facility / Aircraft MRO Facility / Air Cargo Facility next to TWY B
Urban Concept Design for Commercial Development Area in the space between the future Aviation related development and the main existing road system, including all necessary road system connections.

2000 to 2001 Athens International Airpüort Eleftherios Venizelos - Greek Republic
- Start-Up of Airport Maintenance and Cleaning

Start-Up Manager of Maintenance and Cleaning Operations for HOCHTIEF Facility Management & HOCHTIEF Hellas
Tender Management and after Award Start-Up Management of the Mechanical Systems Maintenance and all Cleaning Activities at the Athens International Airport including training and preparations for airport opening.

1996 to 1999 Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos - Greek Republic
- NAIA International Construction Contract

Employee with ICC Consortium Leader HOCHTIEF NAIA
Design Built Construction Project within 51 months, within a PPP/BOT Concession Structure
The airport has currently in its first stage a capacity of 16 million annual passengers and a peak hour capacity of 6000 passengers, who are processed in a Main terminal and a tunnel connected Satellite Terminal. It has two parallel runways and 76 aircraft stands of categories C, D and E. The Terminal and the Satellite Terminal combined have 24 contact gates. Road access was provided along the spine of the airport with a 6 lane freeway, including 6 road bridges & 2 aircraft bridges. In addition 19 Ancillary Buildings covering all necessary facilities for airport operations and 14 Gates and gate Houses

Postions & Functions held within HOCHTIEF NAIA:

  • Head of Department construction management of utilities and building connections – whole airport

  • Section Leader (multiple)design & engineering coordination responsible for airport outside of building detailed design & approval, and lead engineer underground utilities and systems, design coordination airport functional and aircraft movement areas and road systems including the necessary infrastructure of the project

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